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Valuing with Accuracy: Seeing myself in the mirror of you.

I have some questions. Consider them with me if you would. Do we know how to value ourselves without the help of others? Whose responsibility is it to be sure we are truly seen? How can we make ourselves understood … Continue reading

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Sharing Strength: Knock Knock

  This spoken poem, “Knock Knock”, by Daniel Beaty will move you. I hope you watch it before you read any further. It’s not long.  In fact it is so engaging, you may want to watch it again. It moves … Continue reading

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Got Water?

I drove up the Coast Highway toward a short getaway in Cambria, California last year between the NCTE conference in Washington DC and Thanksgiving Break. XM Radio playing my favorite music, my thoughts ran between events of the past week … Continue reading

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Thinking About History & Hamilton

So, I’m getting ready to go to this reunion a week from Saturday. (Well, I’m thinking and talking a lot about it.) Today a colleague showed me this video. featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda doing a rap. It’s cool. But what’s cooler … Continue reading

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Long Term English Learners

  I had opportunity to sit with eight middle school teachers this evening who came to a workshop offered by a colleague in my office.  She asked me to come give the participants an instructional experience with informational text. I pulled … Continue reading

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Cultivating Thought: Author’s Series

Entertain an instructional idea with me.  Will you? How about showing your students this short video from Chipotle’s Cultivating Thought, Author’s Series?  After viewing the video, students could stop and talk about what they just saw. Let them “just” talk. … Continue reading

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Oh No!

I let myself down tonight. I’ve committed to this blogging every day for 31 days.  I’m half way through.  I have done it faithfully each and every day.  Some days I have been able to post right when the link … Continue reading

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Come Sailing?

  I made a decision late last year.  I made it on the spot; I didn’t even realize it was coming.  I was sitting in a friend’s living room enjoying a beautiful Sunday brunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean, listening to … Continue reading

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All this Blogging is Making Me

Late … well, nearly late for work in the morning.  I find myself awakening and very quickly reaching for the phone to check for overnight activity.  You’re right, Fran McVeigh!  This is addictive. Look…at the world in a different way. … Continue reading

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Colleagues and Friends 

Tonight I am sitting outside on a very warm March evening having a light dinner with colleagues who are friends. These are the women who have lifted me up, shared the good, bad and beautiful through the course of my … Continue reading

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