Why I Write

IMG_7870My twitter bio information used to say, “Teacher, Reader, Learner, Writer”.

That was until I met @clonghb.  We met at a Right Question Institute training in Los Angeles a couple of summers ago.

Chris and I had been tweeting across the room about the institute.  During the break he introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Chris Long. I’ve been following your tweets.”

This was one of the early meetings I had with a fellow tweeter.  FUN!

“Hey Chris!”

We began to work together after the break and during a moment of talk time Chris asked me this critical question.  “I see you’re a writer. What do you write?”

Simple enough. I did, after all, say I was. Didn’t I?

“Um…” I managed, “Well, Chris. . . I write . . . email.”

That was pretty much the truth of it, at least as far as what I wrote for anyone else. I also wrote texts and an occasional face book post, holiday letters to family members, resumes and a couple of grant proposals, but I didn’t think of those at that time. I didn’t really think those things spelled W R I T E R.

Chris’s question shook me up a little. Made me reflect. Got me thinking. He did me a huge favor that day. He started the seed in my mind that said I wanted to live up to what I believed myself to be, a WRITER who puts word out into the world like so many floating bubbles just ready for the popping.  I knew then that I needed to write something I was willing share.

Today is National Day on Writing.  Twitter is trending on #whyiwrite posts. I love this one by Katherine Sokolowski.

During our staff meeting this afternoon at the sweetest little school by the sea, I shared this video by NCTE’s Deanna Mascle.  Then all of the teachers and I write our own.  #WhyIWrite We are a community of writers. Let’s take time to write together.

all staff why i write

I write to let my thoughts


When was the last time you wrote? Why?

Do you consider yourself a writer? 

What do you write?  Why? 

About Be Strong. Be Courageous. Be You

Principal at the School at the north end of Los Angeles Harbor where AWESOME happens. Working to make the world a little more wonder-full.
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8 Responses to Why I Write

  1. franmcveigh says:

    So great that you took the time, at the sweetest little school by the sea, to build a community of writers this afternoon! My #WhyIWrite was in the form of a picture attached to a tweet! I thought it was fitting for all the time that I do spend tweeting/communicating!!!

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    Your blog title says it all for me, “Be strong. Be courageous. Be you.” That’s exactly why I write!

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    • daywells says:

      Oh, Margaret! Me too. It’s kind of amazing how much courage it actually takes to hit the publish button! Writing together with others who are also working to grow their skill is a special gift.

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  3. elsie says:

    It is hard to say those words, I write. Slowly, I am believing those words. Why do I write? I write to save moments, to show that the small moments in life matter, and help me to remember.

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  4. jarhartz says:

    It is tough to say out loud. So glad to have you with me on this journey.
    Check out Michelle and Kevin’s blogs today:


  5. onathought says:

    Writer here too! (My slow and not so steady blog posting isn’t what I’d like it to be… but it’s there… same as my running… I’m a runner… but my slow and recently infrequent running begs to differ sometimes.

    I write because I have things to say!

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