Write like this: Lame Blog Post Day

A lame Slice of Life would be the moment you decide you are going to write this one long sentence then go out and figure out how your third vacation day will go because you had a great idea for a blog post when you awakened after TWELVE hours of much-needed sleep but then you read your email while in line at Starbucks and saw that a super important researcher, ivy league published writer was reading YOUR blog and then you immediately felt like you couldn’t possibly write again since nothing you have to say is all that important and you don’t write that well after all and you’ve written now THREE separate possible blog posts on as many topics and you’re still in your robe, typing and researching and your poor vacation buddy is still waiting for you to post and you see at some point it just has to happen, because you committed to the challenge and now, today it really really is exactly that – a challenge.


Many thanks to litcoachdanaK for her beautiful “Lame blog post” which I adored and which saved me today.


Additional thanks to Two Writing Teachers for this Slice of Life Challenge which today feels more like torture, but I’m certain that after living this day as a writer I’ll find myself ready to write again tomorrow.  For more Slices of Life click here.  SOL with website


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5 Responses to Write like this: Lame Blog Post Day

  1. elsie says:

    Let me just say that you have never written a lame post, ever. Very clever format, I remember seeing this from Coach Dana too. I hope you are enjoying your day with your friend. You’ve met the challenge, today. 🙂

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    Spreading through my students is the “Why I hate SOL Challenge” post. SImilar to this one. I love the stream of consciousness style. Spring break next week…looking forward to some long sleeps.

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  3. So this is great and funny and sometimes it is a challenge! HOWEVER….if a superimportantivyleagueresearcher is reading your blog….it may be because your blog is amazing. And you will definitely rise to the challenge!


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