I could write about…

Thank you to Michelle @litlearningzone for this lovely little slice from whence came this post’s format.


This morning I am so full of so many things I could write.

I could write about the plants and animals I am discovering here in this magical island place. So different and colorful. Intriguing and new.


This guy has choices.


This guy has a buddy.


Pretty sure Dr. Seuss was here!

I could write about the things I have been thinking about – social class, money and the global economy.

Who shops like this?

I could write about a couple of college students I know well, their desire to be seen, to blend in but also really to stand out.

I could write about life and how difficult it can be. About the need to get a helmet so that every slight does not injure, offend, get you off course.

I could write about the book I’m reading and how the writer is describing the most horrible of places and circumstance and the strong people who make their lives there. About how it is so deeply disturbing and how strong I think these people are living in such desperate conditions.

I could write about the blog posts I read this morning and how much they moved me. The ideas behind Greg Armamentos’ post and how we grow our perceived problems into catastrophic events and how I want to be that guy with the flame retardant suit helping everyone back to calm and understanding.

And there are so very many other things I COULD write about if only I would settle on one of them. But one of the important things about writing is you have to put these thoughts and images together with your ideas about them. You must talk about them and figure out just want it is you want to say and then you are ready to put your hands to the keyboard and write.

Some of the ideas above fit together – in fact, all of them do. I may think more about this and form a larger thought across the day or days to come. Often this is how ideas form for me. This is how blog posts arise and morph and become posts.


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the March Slice of Life Challenge.  Day 22 of 31 and growing with each and every one.


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4 Responses to I could write about…

  1. Wow–so many ideas to think, ponder, and possibly write about! I think this is an important part of the writing process, just writing down the thoughts that are picking at your brain. You have some big heavy ideas and topics here that would pique my interest! I love, love, love, Greg’s writing – amazing, brilliantly written slices that push my thinking for sure. So glad you tried out the format — I quite enjoyed it too and then seeing you share your thoughts here! 🙂


  2. Tara Smith says:

    From the sublime to the deep and ponderous…so many ideas to mull over, and plan to write about some day.


  3. jarhartz says:

    This was like a peek into your writer’s notebook! “What I could write about” could be a new meme.


  4. elsie says:

    I think Julieanne is on to something about this format as a meme. I’ve been thinking the same all day as I look for the next slice of my life. Big, deep thoughts, fun musings, and wonderings all blend together to create a unique slice of your mind.


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