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Caught in the rutted grooves of long traveled highways Your desire to continue Mine for change. Conflict arises Expectations and Traditions block Connection “We’ve always done _________” crowds the season “Remember how you used to _____________” shades appreciation for evolution … Continue reading

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Cloudy Afternoon

Dishwasher lulling with its low harummm rum rum   Slight chill through through the space in the open sliding glass door   blankets cover two a cozy “L” on the couch Read aloud Poems by Jack to Miss Stretchberry bring thoughts of … Continue reading

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   A new day  Arrives on the lush green grass Fresh off the press Damp from water we do not have enough of here in Southern California. Headlines Blurred lines What matters? What’s important? If I am uncertain an editor … Continue reading

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I Work in a World of Possible.

I work in a world of educated women men in trousers and button-downed shirts sensible shoes that shift shift shift down century old wood-floored hallways where before any of us became us, hundreds and thousands of children walked in straight … Continue reading

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Sharing Strength: Knock Knock

  This spoken poem, “Knock Knock”, by Daniel Beaty will move you. I hope you watch it before you read any further. It’s not long.  In fact it is so engaging, you may want to watch it again. It moves … Continue reading

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