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The Beautiful Truth in Song

A life long friend shared this song along with her heartfelt words, “This reminds me of us”. The sentiment spoke to years of caring and connection mixed with growth and on occasion, hurt feelings … of mistakes and missteps. How do … Continue reading

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Gate to somewhere 

It’s late tonight.  I’m returning home after a very long week; Friday night nearing 10 pm. I left this morning about 6:45 and haven’t been home since then. Too busy doing good work across such a full day, then an evening … Continue reading

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Know Thyself, Reader

On the plane home from NCTE last November, I read many of the pieces on written by some of my favorite authors in Open A World of Possible: Real stories about the joy and power of reading. There are so many … Continue reading

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Sparkle it Up: Toward a Better Blog Page

* Wow! Some of the blogs I have been reading recently are incredibly beautiful. Look at this, and this and this! I’m not just referencing the content, which is so amazing to be sure. So much variety – including uproariously funny, … Continue reading

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Why I’m Here

Why I am Blogging I was encouraged by a colleague to begin last summer and I jumped right in. But that was all I did. I published two posts. I really like those posts.  See them here and here. But … Continue reading

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Space Matters

I’ve begun to realize that space matters. By this I mean where I spend my time. I used to think I could live just about any place and be fine. Then I moved into the “condo”. It’s called a condo … Continue reading

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Every Day for A Month?

Wow, Slice of Lifers. You guys are hardcore! What a great challenge. Kind of like those crawl-through-mud races challenge. Not just the average 10K. I think it’s great. Really. Super achievers, all. The idea inspires me. It also terrifies me. … Continue reading

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