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Why I Write

My twitter bio information used to say, “Teacher, Reader, Learner, Writer”. That was until I met @clonghb.  We met at a Right Question Institute training in Los Angeles a couple of summers ago. Chris and I had been tweeting across … Continue reading

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500th Follower

I remember exactly when I decided I had a goal of reaching 500 Twitter followers. It was a number of months ago. I witnessed my friend, Julieanne Harmatz, gain her 1,000th follower. (She’s now up to almost 1,500.) I watched … Continue reading

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 A Seat At The Table

  Recently I got to have dinner with two people I deeply respect and admire in Education.  These are passionate, accomplished professional writers, speakers and most importantly; they are passionate teachers. They hold rock star status for me and many … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Truth in Song

A life long friend shared this song along with her heartfelt words, “This reminds me of us”. The sentiment spoke to years of caring and connection mixed with growth and on occasion, hurt feelings … of mistakes and missteps. How do … Continue reading

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Say What You Need To Say

So many thanks to Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the March 2015 Slice of Life blog challenge.  This community of writers’ support and encouragement is a gift.  Here is my 8th post this month. Tempestuous Words. Difficult words. Unspoken words. … Continue reading

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Every Day for A Month?

Wow, Slice of Lifers. You guys are hardcore! What a great challenge. Kind of like those crawl-through-mud races challenge. Not just the average 10K. I think it’s great. Really. Super achievers, all. The idea inspires me. It also terrifies me. … Continue reading

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