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Why I Write

My twitter bio information used to say, “Teacher, Reader, Learner, Writer”. That was until I met @clonghb.  We met at a Right Question Institute training in Los Angeles a couple of summers ago. Chris and I had been tweeting across … Continue reading

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From Riverside to Riverside . . . the learning continues

Originally posted on Resource – Full:
Until four years ago, this was what I expected to see and hear IF and WHEN I visited New York. Did you check it out? That’s what I knew about New York! My world…

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Random Events: What IS Digital Literacy?

During testing yesterday, a teacher commented that her students were struggling to write the required responses on the computer. She said they had been writing every day, but don’t have access to computers to draft their work on, so they … Continue reading

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500th Follower

I remember exactly when I decided I had a goal of reaching 500 Twitter followers. It was a number of months ago. I witnessed my friend, Julieanne Harmatz, gain her 1,000th follower. (She’s now up to almost 1,500.) I watched … Continue reading

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