The Real Work of a Principal

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When you find yourself sitting in the office of an elementary school principal, just about anything can happen.  It’s the same in a classroom. Just a smaller number of people involved. Same in a district office. More people involved. Exponential differences perhaps. It all matters, just the same.

The most interesting thing so far about sitting in the principal’s office is that people have expectations. The office itself comes with them. People have experiences with “THE Principal”.  Those transfer. People generally have respect for the position. But not always. Sometimes people have fractured relationships with learning, with school, with principals. I welcome interaction with these folks. If I can bridge the gap between their prior experience and their current situation perhaps I can make a difference.

That’s my job – at least in good part. Families’ experience with school matters. They can facilitate learning or hinder it.

I remember a teacher I worked with saying that schools should not hire anyone who didn’t have a classroom full of students. Interesting perspective. I think it is difficult when you’re working as this teacher called it, “in the trenches” to understand just how much happens outside the classroom walls to support the important work that takes place inside those walls.  There are so many parts to supporting classrooms, minimizing distractions, and balancing external expectations in order to streamline the way for teachers to teach and children to learn.  And there’s more!  Principals oversee the facility, personnel, classroom curriculum, professional development, standards, education code, a budget, federal and state mandates, community resources, families and students. I interact with all kinds of stakeholders and interested parties. I am held accountable for the safety and success of every single one of our children. I’m responsible for a few other things I’m sure I’ve left off this list too. And I am fortunate to have excellent support. Building & Grounds, Cafeteria, Front Office, teaching staff, paraprofessional staff, yard staff, district legal and operational and instructional support, and a parent group that may as well be on the payroll.

A colleague inquired recently, “What’s the hardest part of being a Principal?” I paused before responding. Only because that’s hard to say.  I love what I am doing. I love being a Principal.  Another colleague said something along the lines of, “You’re the big cheese.” I didn’t have a hard time responding to that one.  I do not see it this way.  Not at all.

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Instead, I see myself as supporting. Most importantly I must support what is best for the students we serve. I am IN SERVICE OF.  My real work means support. I support children. I support families. I support teachers. I support mandates and facilities. I support food service. I support. This is the real work of a principal.

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4 Responses to The Real Work of a Principal

  1. Lisa R says:

    I wish all schools had principals like you. Our education system would be a lot healthier.

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  2. schmidtkristas says:

    I love your philosophy of support. You clearly “get it”!

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