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What a Tractor Taught Me About Living, Loving & Learning

“That acre needs mowing,” my brother said to no one in particular. He’d been under the weather. I was visiting him at his house in Iowa.  We’re twins but it had been years since we’d spent any real time together. … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Pokemon Go!

Educators are always looking for an in. Here are a few reasons we need to know something about Pokemon Go! before our students return to school this fall. The technology!  This is Google Maps and Google Earth, coupled with a … Continue reading

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Questions, Cards & Alarms

Girl home from college on Spring Break this week. Our first night together. Dinner ordered in.  Pizza. Kid still likes pizza.  We small talk about her day. She’s resourceful. Motivated. She’s been up the coast applying for jobs. Two interviews … Continue reading

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“Oh, I can’t believe I have all my girls here together,” she wells up. Hands rise to her face. Tears come. Hand to her shoulder. I reach out to stroke her long dark hair. Hug her a little closer. Sister … Continue reading

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Got Water?

I drove up the Coast Highway toward a short getaway in Cambria, California last year between the NCTE conference in Washington DC and Thanksgiving Break. XM Radio playing my favorite music, my thoughts ran between events of the past week … Continue reading

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Thinking About History & Hamilton

So, I’m getting ready to go to this reunion a week from Saturday. (Well, I’m thinking and talking a lot about it.) Today a colleague showed me this video. featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda doing a rap. It’s cool. But what’s cooler … Continue reading

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Writing and Social Studies Collide

Working to plan for a unit of study is always challenging and exciting.  This week I planned with the kindergarten team at President Avenue Elementary for their unit in opinion writing.  Each time I plan for a students to enter … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Truth in Song

A life long friend shared this song along with her heartfelt words, “This reminds me of us”. The sentiment spoke to years of caring and connection mixed with growth and on occasion, hurt feelings … of mistakes and missteps. How do … Continue reading

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Gate to somewhere 

It’s late tonight.  I’m returning home after a very long week; Friday night nearing 10 pm. I left this morning about 6:45 and haven’t been home since then. Too busy doing good work across such a full day, then an evening … Continue reading

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Know Thyself, Reader

On the plane home from NCTE last November, I read many of the pieces on written by some of my favorite authors in Open A World of Possible: Real stories about the joy and power of reading. There are so many … Continue reading

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