“Let’s go exploring,” said Paulito turning towards the door.

“Okay,” replied Kimber.

They snuck out the door and ran down four flights of stairs.  When they reached street level there were people everywhere. There were lights amidst the darkness. Tiny shops were still open even though it was nearly 9pm.  Families with children walked along the small sidewalks with waffle cones of ice cream – vanilla and mango.
Paulito and Kimber wandered into a cookie shop. All they sold was cookies.  “All natural, made in Hawaii,” said the sales lady “Free samples.” Kimber’s eyes widened. She headed straight over to the corner where there were small cookie pieces in plastic covered containers with tongs attached. Three young boys were filling their hands with cookie pieces – dropping them into each others open palms with the tongs. Kimber tried to get closer. The boys just kept filling each others hands, popping cookies into their mouths. Kimber looked on, trying to get in for a cookie piece herself but the boys continued, “One of those!” exclaimed the smaller one. Kimber watched and then she began to think  Oooooh, those cookies look good but Eeeew! Ick! Germy boys! Not so sure I want to try them now. She walked back to where Paulito was already at the door.

“Too crowded,” he said grabbing Kimber’s hand. And out they went into the dark. Walking among the people and the lights and the stores. They happened upon an ABC store teaming with shoppers. They wandered down the aisles looking at travel size bottles of tropical juices and ready made snacks – sushi and loco moco, spam musubi and coconut pudding.

“Let’s get some cookies,” said Kimber. “Yeah, Okay,” replied Paulito. They skirted in and around the tiny aisles packed with people and stacked with boxes of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Kimber imagined they would have chocolate macadamia nut cookies, fresh and ready, maybe coconut pineapple bars too. They came to the aisle with the fresh baked goods – mini banana nut breads, poppy seed muffins and at last…. the cookies! But wait. This was not the picture Kimber had in her mind. There were small boxes of Oreos and Nutter-butters just like they had back at home. Her mind turned to mom and dad back in the room. They’d better get moving. Don’t want them to worry.

Paulito grabbed small packages of chocolate caramel covered macadamia nuts, guava juice and a pack of playing cards.  And she knew they were off to the room and their next adventure.


Process:  I read and commented on three blogs this morning before beginning my own writing. I read Julieanne Harmatz’ blog about her classroom and she began it from Margaret Simon’s digilit Sunday focus word:  Discovery.  Julieanne said the word helped her to do exactly that – write and discover and that it went differently than she thought. So I began just to write but I was thinking about discovery.  I had no idea where this would go but I was thinking about two kids out discovering the world together. I had fun playing with describing a place based on the foods found there.





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10 Responses to cookies

  1. elsie says:

    Your story made me think of the times my friends and I went out exploring. Of course our world was a woods and neighborhood, not nearly as exotic as Kimber and Paulito’s world. This piece would be great for teaching inferring. Lots to infer here. So is there more? What else can the reader discover about Kimber and Paulito?

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    I wasn’t sure where you were going with this until I read your process. What an interesting idea to wander through a story to see what you would discover. Thanks for participating. Link up on my site.


    • daywells says:

      I’m still not sure where I was going. Had to include the process part b/c I don’t think I have a complete story yet. Just exploring really. And no more time to write!


  3. bjdonaldson says:

    Sometimes I read other people’s slices for ideas, too. I’m glad you wrote this “discovery” slice.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. daywells says:

    I found a rock on the beach that looks like the digi lit button!


  5. emily1103 says:

    I love what constitutes an adventure when we are young–how what we do with that unforeseen freedom is so intense…BUY COOKIES. 🙂


  6. I love the movement in this little story! And describing a place through the foods there is an amazing idea. I just love that. I might want to explore with that one of these days. PS I hope this story means that you are in Hawaii!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. MaryHill says:

    What fun exploring and such a great pay off. Thanks for sharing your story. I loved how the older brother looked out for his sister.

    Liked by 1 person

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