Turtle Bay

Green Sea Turtle | Fading AmericansSerene

black and green suspended here in this sublime saline

fins float back and forth, stealthy propellers

heads bobbing just barely above the Pacific’s serenely surging surface

Quiet and calm

moving with Aloha graceful ease

This is their home.


I am only passing through

grateful to catch a glimpse of what lies beneath




About Be Strong. Be Courageous. Be You

Principal at the School at the north end of Los Angeles Harbor where AWESOME happens. Working to make the world a little more wonder-full.
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11 Responses to Turtle Bay

  1. elsie says:

    What a cool experience! Loved the alliteration in the lines! Sounds like a great time.


  2. I love the line breaks and “sublime saline.” You are such a talented writer!


  3. jarhartz says:

    Earthly magic.


  4. vanessaw2007 says:

    Is this Akumal or Tulum? Oh no.. there’s my clue Mahalo – Hawaii. Snorkeling is like entering another world and you described it so perfectly.

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  5. Dana Murphy says:

    Beautiful! Love your word choice. Well done.

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  6. djvichos says:

    I liked passing through via your poem!

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  7. JenniferM says:

    Aah, my husband loves sea turtles! Great combination of pictures and poem to capture their peaceful grace!

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  8. Tara Smith says:

    That is lovely – the photographs are like paintings.

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  9. These photographs are stunning, Dayna! And your beautiful poem brings us along with you, giving us “a glimpse of what lies beneath.”


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