A new day 

Arrives on the lush green grass

Fresh off the press

Damp from water we do not have enough of here in Southern California.


Blurred lines

What matters? What’s important? If I am uncertain an editor will shout. 


A columnist will herald


Stooping to pick up printed page Smile rises. Privilege of time on a beautiful spring morning. 

Returning to my breakfast table I read of troubles and turmoil, difficulties and strife and I wonder

What brings us here each morning? 

Other’s struggles beckon.  

Call out. 

We attend and then

Pour another cup. 

And another day has begun. We are informed. 


About Be Strong. Be Courageous. Be You

Principal at the School at the north end of Los Angeles Harbor where AWESOME happens. Working to make the world a little more wonder-full.
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7 Responses to News 

  1. mrssurridge says:

    Great photo! Pour another cup…Love that!

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  2. As a newspaper fan who has grudgingly forsaken hard copies for e-versions, I enjoyed your verse thoroughly.


  3. Katy Collins says:

    A tribute to a newspaper…creative idea! I am sad that our local paper is not really producing much anymore. We only get the paper on Sundays. I miss the feeling of sitting with a newspaper over coffee and breakfast on weekdays!


  4. arjeha says:

    Getting the paper is one of the first things I do in the morning. I would be lost without it even though it is often times filled with troubling news.


  5. elsie says:

    So very few get a paper anymore. We do and this makes me think about how casually I read of others tragedy while I am sipping my coffee in my comfortable surroundings. I need to be more grateful for the life that I am leading, when so many are suffering and finding evil at their doorstep.

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    • daywells says:

      I only get the Sunday paper. My neighbor is letting me pick hers up all week while she’s away. I love the morning paper – such an old tradition. And your thought is exactly what I was going for – but you are the only one who has commented on the theme I intended. ☀️


      • elsie says:

        It took me a while to think how to say it because I was disturbed by the feeling I got. Almost didn’t comment because I thought maybe I was reading it wrong when I saw other comments.

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